Real Estate Tax Cyprus

Real estate tax Cyprus has become an international asset class—and real estate transactions have become more complex than ever before. To make sure your investments in property achieve the best possible after-tax performance, you need dependable, practical cross-border tax advice. Taxand’s global team of real estate tax experts provides that advice throughout the entire lifecycle of your investment.

Overcoming obstacles to profit

The extreme tax sensitivity of real estate makes quality tax advice paramount. The effective tax rate on an otherwise profitable deal can exceed 75 percent with poor counsel, while good advice can push that rate below 10 percent. Taxand advisors help you profit from shifting market dynamics—such as the need for greater liquidity in real estate assets—and at the same time minimise the tax obstacles to real estate transactions.

Your advantage at every turn

Taxand’s extensive real estate tax experience gives you the advantage in negotiating prices and closing deals. Our objective is always to maximise the value of your investment, drawing on specialised transaction level knowledge and creating acquisition and holding structures that both make business sense and also keep tax costs down. We help you determine the best ways to address the current market conditions of today and in the future.


We deliver a range of real estate tax services with a global focus:
• Tax efficient real estate structures including investment funds and REITs
• Tax advice surrounding transactions, disposals and spin-offs
• Construction and development project related tax strategies
• Tax neutral financing arrangements
• VAT planning
• Tax due diligence
• Tax compliance

We are real estate tax professionals, all experts in local markets working as a global team covering nearly 50 countries. We provide well-considered tax advice to a wide range of clients including listed and non-listed real estate companies, developers, financial institutions, pension funds, real estate investment trusts and funds, management companies and high net worth individuals. Discover how Taxand can deliver your real estate tax advantage.