STI Taxand Emerges as the New Legal Identity for Formerly Taxand Cyprus

In a momentous development, Taxand Cyprus proudly announces its official transformation into a dynamic law firm, now operating under the name STI Taxand. This evolution marks a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering comprehensive legal services and underscores our dedication to excellence in the field. As STI Taxand, we are poised to continue our legacy of providing exceptional Tax Law Expertise and Transfer Pricing solutions to our valued clients.

Taxand Cyprus, now operating as STI Taxand LLC, stands as a beacon of excellence in the field of taxation. Specializing exclusively in tax services, our firm’s primary focus encompasses key jurisdictions, including Cyprus, Middle East, Skopje, and Bulgaria. As proud members of Taxand Global, an esteemed independent organization spanning 48 countries, we are positioned to deliver tailored tax solutions on a global scale.

Established in 2006, STI Taxand boasts nearly two decades of distinguished experience, empowering the world’s leading businesses to navigate complex tax landscapes with foresight and innovative problem-solving. With a dedication to continuous updates and deep expertise, our team of partners, holding tax law degrees from prestigious institutions such as Oxford and Vienna, exemplify our commitment to excellence.

STI Taxand refrains from providing audit or other legal services, maintaining an unwavering focus on the dynamic and intricate nature of tax law. Our distinctive advantage lies in the combination of long-standing tax experience and academic excellence, creating a unique synergy that sets us apart.
Our approach involves leveraging both our global reach and local expertise, actively working towards our vision of being recognized as the most innovative law firm in the field. STI Taxand is committed to strategically positioning both ourselves and our clients for a future of growth, success, and innovation.

Explore the new era of international tax services with STI Taxand as we embark on this transformative journey, setting new standards in excellence, innovation, and strategic positioning.