Taxatelier (now Taxand Cyprus) organised an in-house workshop seminar on international tax issues

March 14, 2018

Taxatelier (now Taxand Cyprus) has organised an in-house workshop with IBSA to address issues arising from the international tax practice by reviewing a case study.

The workshop examined the international tax issues relevant to the expansion of a fictitious company (as it morphed into a multinational corporation throughout its generational journey.

The case study developed into the following practical topic:

Stage 1 – Establishment of a Holding Company;

Stage 2 – Establishes an overseas representative office;

Stage 3 – Representative office is replaced with a new sales company and warehouse is opened;

Stage 4 – Creation of sales subsidiaries for spectacle lenses and separation of telescopic lens business;

Stage 5 – Establishment of foreign manufacturing plant;

Stage 6 – Diversification with acquisition of another Group;

Stage 7 – IPO of the Company;

Stage 8 – Creation of an internal finance company;

Stage 9 – Creation of an e-commerce sales organisation;

Stage 10 – Real estate investments; and

Stage 11 – Creation of equity fund.